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Products | Accessories | WirelessUnits Pro Sync 1.1

WirelessUnits Pro Sync 1.1 - Accessory

WirelessUnits Pro Sync 1.1

Model Number: WUProSync1.1

Product Description:
The WirelessUnits Pro Sync 1.1 is the latest accessory for Motorola Canopy equipment, a 7 port Passive Sync Splitter. It has (7) 6P6C connectors which are all connected together allowing up to 6 radios to be synchronized from a single SM, AP or BH which is generating sync or a SyncPipe.

The WirelessUnits Pro Sync 1.1 is cased inside of PVC housing, and is made big enough for the splitter to fit into housing.

Specifications: Unavailable

Price: $19.99

Please contact us for bulk orders over 25 units.

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